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Overwatch Havana escort map is now available on live servers

Published: 22:32, 07 May 2019
Picture of the Don Rumbotico distillery in Overwatch
Overwatch - Don Rumbotico

Overwatch Archives 2019 has concluded and players were eager to see how the Storm Rising PvE map would transition to a PvP mode. They can now do so as the new map, Havana, is available for all queues except for Competitive, as per usual.

Havana is an escort map and the attacking team will start from the same garage the Strike Team found themselves in at the start of Storm Rising. Maximilien's car is still there and the door is bent for some reason, even though years supposedly passed between Storm Rising events and the modern day where two teams are duking it out.

Thankfully, the map is not another fish-in-a-barrel disaster like Paris as the attackers will have several routes to flank the defenders. 

The first part of the map will lead up to the Don Rumbotico distillery and will seemingly be balanced between close quarters and long range engagements. Flankers will have many opportunities to sneak up on the defenders as previously mentioned, but provides a great defensive point for the defence team's long-range DPS to huddle up behind a Reinhardt or Orisa as well as a few other crow's nests on the sides.

Don Rumbotico distillery will be the battleground once the payload reaches the first checkpoint and this part looks like it will favour heroes proficient in close quarters combat. There is a lot of cover to move around and the corridors are fairly tight so a Reaper should probably have a field day with enemy tanks and just about everything else.

Once the payload is through the distillery, the map will open up, letting sharpshooters have their fun as the attacking team's tanks will have a hard time positioning their shield to protect everyone from different angles of a wide open area.

Blizzard Reaper is dashing through the air attacking someone or something that's not on the screen Overwatch - Reaper

It is worth noting that Blizzard removed some of the perches where the Talon snipers would position themselves during the Storm Rising event, probably because defensive snipers would have too many spots they could ruin the attackers' lives from.

Havana is available in Quickplay, Arcade and Custom games. It will be disabled in Competitive for the first two weeks, as per usual.


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