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Overwatch GOATS meta eradicated but gets a farewell song

Published: 17:20, 10 August 2019
Picture of Wujing Reinhardt from Overwatch
Overwatch - Wujing Reinhardt

GOATS meta has finally come to an end. Blizzard tried to kick it out through a bazillion balance changes but didn't manage until role locks. Overwatch will finally see more variation now but some fans are sending GOATS off with a song.

GOATS meta was splitting to say the least. It was great, boring or terrible depending on who you ask. However, there is no doubt it was harmful for Overwatch competitive scene in the long run since it pretty much booted DPS heroes entirely.

Blizzard attempted to kill GOATS through a pile of nerfs spanning over a dozen patches but never managed to kill the abomination that was three tanks and three supports. The end to this unstoppable menace took drastic measures and it was finally killed when Blizzard introduced the 2-2-2 role lock, forcing teams to play with two heroes from each class.

Not everyone was glad to see GOATS go, however, and one fan created a song to send the composition off with. The song is a parody of Country Roads by John Denver. Naturally, it can't match up to the original but this is definitely a better use of the source material than the vanilla song serving as promotion for Fallout 76.

Amazingly enough, the lyrics of the song managed to stuff all six heroes used in one variation into the chorus. Brigitte is mentioned first as a mandatory pick, D.Va is there to eat up enemy projectiles, Lucio for the group speed buff, Zenyatta for Discords, Zarya for the ult and Reinhardt... to feed.

While the hulking grandpa's role is heavily diminished in the chorus, it still sounds good and the muscular German pensioner knows we all love him for his giant rectangle.

Another round of chorus pays homage to Sombra, who was largely seen as the best counter to GOATS. On the other hand, the composition managed to stay at the top of Overwatch competitive scene for so long that it required drastic measures which would ultimately change the game for good.

Check out the top comment on the video for the exact lyrics.


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