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Overwatch getting Role Queue so as to lock team configurations

Published: 06:08, 19 July 2019
picture showing character from overwatch
Overwatch's Baptiste

Overwatch team's Jeff Kaplan has recently said we have a few more Overwatch developer updates coming and he didn't lie as the latest one focuses on Role Queue, a new feature that should help players achieve better team compositions.

Kaplan said that Role Queue will eliminate "social pressures" that ensue on the character picking screen. You'll still have 40 seconds to make your Overwatch pick, but the new feature will let you define your general focus earlier.

Role Queue will be featured in competitive, quick play, as well as Overwatch esports. Basically, Blizzard are locking team configurations into 2-2-2 - two DPS, two tanks and two support players.

Additionally, instead of getting a single Skill Rating (SR), players will be getting three skill ratings, one for each Overwatch hero category.

Kaplan says that Blizzard have been having a lot of fun with this internally, as he himself apparently found he's much more useful as a tank than as a healer.

Moreover, it appears that Overwatch's dev team is finally rewarding versatility. If you choose to do your qualifier matches with all three roles, you'll be getting more Competitive Points (CP) than you would've under the old system.

Blizzard will soon be posting a chart that will go into greater detail when it comes to points distribution under the Role Queue system

Overwatch's PC players can already check out the role queue on the Public Test Realm but the team want to conduct wider testing, so as to include PlayStation and Xbox One players.

So, Blizzard will be ending Season 17 early and commencing a beta competitive season from 13 August to 01 September 2019, which will hopefully result in a polished feature before it officially launches on the latter date. 

Those who like the way the current Quick Play and Competitive Play work, Arcade will retain Quick Play Classic.

Blizzard Picture of the Overwatch strike team fighting Talon in Havana Overwatch - Havana

Kaplan said that Overwatch has been evolving together with players, teams and team compositions, and that Role Queue is a continuation of this.

"Say you want to play with Hanzo", Jeff said, and completely lost everyone's attention. Just kidding, we love Jeff from the Overwatch team, even when he's discussing Shakespeare. No we're not kidding about that.

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