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Overwatch gets Symmetra challenge, who gets a new short story

Published: 00:00, 17 November 2020
Overwatch - Symmetra
Overwatch - Symmetra

Blizzard recently released a short story about Symmetra, deepening her lore but also followed up by an announcement we would get a new challenge soon, with her new skin up for grabs.

Overwatch players already know how the hero challenges work - we need to get nine wins within a week and we will unlock the associated Epic skin. Three and six wins milestones will also have their own awards - an icon and a spray usually. You can check the skin out on the image above.

As for the short story, it is a peculiar one. This defence specialist and the occasional flank artist apparently teams up with Zenyatta to investigate a mishap at Vishkar Corporation. 

It sounds highly unusual she would team up with an omnic monk for the mission, given the high regard she usually keeps Vishkar in. Since it's a Corporation, it would probably be inclined to keep its secrets and rather not share the investigation findings with the monk who wishes inner peace upon everyone. Or peace in general.

The challenge should kick off with the background update on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, which coincides with the Arcade loot box reset. It may be a good idea to pair the two pursuits up.

Anyway, the event is big enough to bring out the big Jeff from the Overwatch team to talk to us once again. While the story and the challenge were newsworthy on their own, it might also be important to note that Jeff's isolation beard is nowhere in sight. He's clean-shaven.

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