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Blizzard working on shutting Overwatch games with hackers down

Published: 05:47, 16 July 2019
Updated: 10:53, 17 July 2019
Blizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker as Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft stands in front of Blizzard World
Overwatch - Ghost Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker Skin

Jeff from the Overwatch team introduced players to the upcoming changes, some of which are already on PTR. One of the changes are the new anti-cheating measures that will shut down matches where cheaters are detected, preventing SR loss.

Widowmaker may not know herself what an aimbot is but some of the players who picker her certainly do. Blizzard are aware of this and have been fighting the issue for a long time now, resulting in a fairly clever and creative solution that is set to go live in a future patch.

Namely, players will now have slightly fewer headaches because Blizzard apparently updated their cheat detection system that should pinpoint more users of illegal software.

Once the system detects such behaviour, competitive matches with cheaters in them will be shut down, booting everyone out, presumably because it's past the bedtime for those who like ruining people's games.

No one will lose Skill Rating (SR) as a result, except maybe the cheater who is liable to take a prolonged vacation after taking a joyride in a competitive match.

While this is particularly convenient for Competitive games, it seems like the new cheat detection and shutdown system will be available on Quickplay and Arcade as well. It may be inconvenient to get booted out of a match since there is no SR in play but while it may be more frequent initially, the event should become rarer as time progresses and fewer cheaters happen to be in your matches.

Blizzard Entertainment Hanzo in a field Overwatch - Hanzo's face when he loses his Scatter Arrows

Jeff Kaplan once again reiterated that the Summer Games event will happen sooner than expected this year but didn't announce the details such as the starting date.

Furthermore, the event will allow players to unlock up to three Epic skins without going through the loot box hassle. This will work similarly to Baptiste and Ana's challenges where players will have to win nine matches in Competitive, Quickplay or Arcade in order to complete the challenge.

As Kaplan noted, there will be three weeks of the event with the skin challenges changing each week.

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