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Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan sat in a chair for ten hours

Published: 11:33, 25 December 2017
Updated: 11:34, 09 May 2018
Jeff Kaplan playing Hearthstone
Jeff Kaplan playing Hearthstone

Merry Christmas, everyone. Jeff from the Overwatch team gave everyone the gift of awkward silence in the form of a ten hour Twitch stream. Good to see that the folks over at Blizzard are hard at work making such a PR stunt possible.

Blizzard's own Vice President Jeff Kaplan sat in a chair for nine hours, 54 minutes and 46 seconds. This is real, people, and my job is to let you know that it happened. I don't know which one is more precious.

The stream is quite similar to Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log' video from two years ago. That one went on for 44 minutes and 55 seconds. Maybe Jeff lost a bet.

The king of single take Overwatch Developer Update videos may have outdone himself in order to give everyone wrinkles as they stare at the stream in utter disbelief. In the video, Jeff is sitting in a chair in front of a fireplace. A table with milk, cookies and an Overwatch mug is placed conveniently to his left. He didn't like the cookies very much (07:26:14) - Jeff likes his cookies like he likes his Overwatch. With plenty of salt. I need a Mei over here.

At four hours, 34 minutes and 22 seconds, the fire in the fireplace (duh) goes out. At first, Jeff doesn't seem to notice the riveting action that's going on, but someone behind the camera manages to get his attention. Jeff brings the fire back to life by clapping and seems pretty pleased with himself for managing such a feat.

After he'd been sitting in that chair for five hours, five minutes and 44 seconds, Jeff decided to bust out his phone and play a bit of Hearthstone. Five minutes later, it looks like he won. Good for you mate.

Blizzard Jeff Kaplan praying for a swift end Jeff Kaplan praying for a swift end

Some tears are being forced back at five hours and 11 minutes mark. I feel you, Jeff. The highlight of this weird, weird occurrence came thanks to Jeff's sound guy who dropped a boom mic on his face, knocking off his glasses.

Dinoflask - a YouTuber who made a name for himself editing Jeff's Developer updates got a special shutout (08:08:52) and some special words he can use in an upcoming video or two. The words are: Orca, Killer Whale, gratuitous. 

Finally, at nine hours, 21 minutes and 15 seconds, Jeff thanks everyone who tuned in to watch him sit around for nine hours. He says he had fun. They apparently wanted to do something special, and with that in mind, Jeff announces the next Overwatch hero. Sadly, he's cut off just as he's saying who the next hero is, but hey, you heard it there first. Now go craft your theories. Was I the only one who thought that fire sounded a bit like Morse code?

How did Jeff manage to sit for that long? Was he hungry? Was there a catheter involved? Why didn't he wait for an additional six minutes? All these questions might soon be answered in his upcoming book: I made you watch a 10 hour stream of me sitting in a chair.

Check out the entire thing on .

Blizzard Jeff Kaplan looking pleased with himself after he restarted a fire with a clap Jeff Kaplan - heck yea

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