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Overwatch Competitive Season six changes

Published: 10:03, 23 August 2017
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Overwatch - Genji

Jeff from the Overwatch team sat down to go through some of the changes that are waiting for you in the Competitive Season six. The season will be a month shorter but there will be more points awarded per win. Also, your skill rating decay shouldn't hurt as much anymore.

Season six of Overwatch's Competitive Mode starts later this month, and Jeff from the Overwatch team took to YouTube to explain the changes that are coming with it.

The biggest news to come out of the developer update video is the fact that Season six will be a month shorter than usual. Before you freak out for one reason or the other, know that this change is not permanent, they are trying this out, and if it doesn't work, you'll all go back to three month seasons. 

Blizzard Overwatch - Junkertown Overwatch - Junkertown

Season six will go on for two months instead of three and there are a couple of reasons why. The main reason being that the players are more engaged in the beginning of a season and the excitement seems to wear off as the third month of play rolls around. Reasonable.

With the shorter season in mind, the team has made some changes to the points. There will be more points awarded per win starting with Season six, so you should end up with roughly the same amount of points at the end of the year.

Next up is the skill rating decay. The team is going about this by reducing the number of games played per week. Up until now, you were required to play seven games per week to keep your rank, and now you're going to need five. Takes the pressure off a little bit.

Blizzard Overwatch Overwatch

Furthermore, if your skill rating does decay, the number of skill points you loose has been cut in half. The team has some long term solutions in mind, but this set-up will be the norm as far as Season six is concerned.

A change is also coming to the control maps. Instead of "best out of five" required in control and competitive play, you'll get "best out of three". This should shave off a couple of minutes off of the overall match time.

Season six will also bring about a change in how placements work. So they'll try to place you more accurately. In the past two seasons they placed everyone a bit lower than what their skill rating implied. In Season six, you should be placed in the exact skill rating.

Blizzard Overwatch: Ana Overwatch: Ana

Matchmaking will now take longer for higher skilled players. It should level the playing field a bit. This is going to be one of those monitored things that will get changed on the fly if something feels off.

And that's about it. I wish you good fortune in the Seasons to come.

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