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Overwatch: Ashe's Deadlock Challenge start, duration and skin revealed

Published: 10:26, 21 June 2021
Overwatch - Ashe's challenge
Overwatch - Ashe's challenge

Blizzard folks are teasing a new skin for Ashe, which will be tied to the challenge that is coming sooner than one might expect.

Ashe's Deadlock Challenge is starting on June 22, 2021, and Overwatch players will have the opportunity to earn it without delving into lootbox madness or purchasing it with Credits.

Considering this is only a teaser, we don't know everything about the challenge yet but we are pretty certain what the skin will look like. The event is probably part of the promotional campaign for the new novel, Deadlock Rebels.

It takes place long before Overwatch came to be in the current state - during the time Jesse McCree ran with the Deadlock gang, before Reaper recruited him to the global organisation. The novel is centred on Ashe though and the new skin is almost certainly themed after her look in the novel, which you can preview in the images from the tweet below.

The event will last for two weeks, giving players plenty of time get the skin, although it remains to be seen what the criteria for obtaining it will be. Blizzard experimented with changing challenge objectives recently and they seem to be aimed at keeping players in the game for longer than it would take them to win nine games, which was the case before.

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