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Overwatch Archives 2019 might go to Havana apparently

Published: 14:42, 08 April 2019
Picture of the Don Rumbotico distillery in Overwatch
Overwatch - Don Rumbotico

Blizzard are teasing something new for Overwatch via the fictional Havana Sun newspaper and given the fact that the next Archives event should be coming along soon, it is possible Don Rumbotico or the Havana Sea Fort will be the venue.

Overwatch Archives event started on 11 April in 2017 and 10 April in 2018 which is the reason for many players to suspect the next Archives event is just around the corner. Blizzard have been mostly silent on the matter though but Jeff Kaplan did let some info slip on the game's forums, hinting the event will unfold soon.

On 07 April 2019, Overwatch's official Twitter account posted a teaser in the form of a fictional article talking about forgotten legacy in Havana.

It mentions the local distillery, Don Rumbotico, that was recently bought out by an anonymous financial group under suspicious circumstances that forced the Diaz family out of business. 

The article also mentions that the Havana Sea Fort was bought from the Cuban government recently as well, by the same shadowy financial group that is totally not one of Talon's branches.

Blizzard didn't confirm or deny any of the fan theories so far, but mostly everyone is expecting this to be the teaser for the next Archives event, which would mean it would take place in Havana. This will set it apart from previous Archives events though, as there is no existing map that is affiliated with Havana.

Uprising event took place in King's Row, London while Retribution unfolded on Rialto, Venice. If the next Archives event indeed takes place in Havana, it will be either a completely new map or Castillo could possibly get a facelift and a retcon in order to make it look like Havana Sea Fort with Talon's makeover.

Blizzard Entertainment Torbjorn, Mercy, Tracer and Reinhardt standing together Overwatch - Last year's Uprising event

Getting a fully fledged new map is not entirely a realistic expectation since Paris was introduced just recently but there is no telling if a smaller new map will be made from scratch or reused assets, just for Archives and possibly Deathmatch.

Overwatch Archives

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