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Sigma is Overwatch's 31st hero, almost confirmed by Jeff Kaplan

Published: 18:19, 20 July 2019
Jeff Kaplan praying for a swift end
Jeff Kaplan praying for a swift end

Overwatch World Cup's Mexican Twitter account apparently posted a screenshot that revealed a new hero named Sigma but quickly pulled the picture. Jeff Kaplan later almost spilt the beans and clumsily tried to deny knowledge of Sigma.

Overwatch World Cup is kicking off on 1 November 2019 and official accounts are heating up with coverage and some leaks that may or may not be intentional. Mexican Twitter account for the Overwatch World Cup posted some footage that was looking at a career profile on an account that had access to Sigma.

The could possibly turn out to be a tank, since Blizzard announced they are taking a break from adding DPS heroes and focusing more on tanks and supports. Then again, no one from the company officially confirmed this since they are not officially confirming Sigma's existence yet either.

The closest thing to confirmation is Jeff Kaplan's awkward attempt at feigning ignorance while he was being interviewed by Seagull on a live stream. When Seagull ran out of questions, both he and Kaplan turned to Twitch chat to find some with most people spamming questions about Sigma.

Noticing this, Seagull asked Kaplan what he knows about Sigma, to which uncle Jeff responded with a clumsy attempt to deny any knowledge of the character. He figured out the gig is up, however, and continued talking in a more humorous manner, dropping the first hint when he half-jokingly said it's a mystery to him.

Kaplan continued by stating "this is gonna be a very dramatic week in Overwatch" and that "there is lots of exciting things coming this summer". Both quotes seem like hints that leak is actually real but keep in mind that this is still not an official confirmation.

Anyway, Blizzard are known for liking to tease the upcoming heroes through media and it is quite possible the leak was deliberate. It will be interesting to see what Sigma will turn out to be, especially because we could use some more variety on the frontline.

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