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Overwatch 2: Sojourn gameplay shows her using a railgun

Published: 01:12, 20 February 2021
Overwatch 2 - Sojourn
Overwatch 2 - Sojourn

BlizzConline provided more info about numerous heroes that will be altered in Overwatch 2 but also showed some gameplay for the new one - Sojourn.

Sojourn's weapon in Overwatch was shown before but we only got to see the automatic fire, which is safe to assume is the weapon's primary fire. However, the exciting portion of the hero's arsenal is most likely the alternate fire, which will shoot a high powered projectile.

Well, the reason for the projectile's power is that it's shot from an actual railgun. Just like the railguns we're used to by now, Sojourn seems to charge the power-up by holding the alternate fire button down and releasing it at the right moment.

In theory, this should result in a weapon that is hard to master and rewards precise shooting, without standing all the way in the back which would infringe on Widowmaker's territory.

Unfortunately, the gameplay snippets don't show much else and the weapon Sojourn uses is pretty much all we get to see. The railgun doesn't instantly kill chunkier targets, even with headshots but the rapid-firing primary fire is complementing the hard-hitting weapon well as it can finish off wounded targets quickly.

You can see the gameplay snippets starting at 11:00 timestamp in the video, with the developer commentary in the background.

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