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Overwatch 2 leak collection

Published: 16:45, 02 November 2019
Overwatch - Scorpion Widowmaker
Overwatch - Scorpion Widowmaker

Overwatch 2 is about to be announced officially in a few days, during BlizzCon 2019 but possibly correct details leaked almost five months ago. Here are some highlights from the info dump that might either hype you up or put you off.

Overwatch 2's PvE mode is pretty well known now but back in June 2019, one leaker that didn't have much proof they are trustworthy revealed such a mode would be coming, along with other information related to World of Warcraft and Diablo 4. 

Fast forward to more recent days, several of these leaks turned out to be true so we decided to give you a few highlights from the list. While the correct leaks are a good indicator, they do not mean the other info is guaranteed to be correct, so take all the following info with a grain of salt.

PvE is Left 4 Dead with robots

According to the leaks from June, this is what the PvE component will feel like. In case you haven't played Left 4 Dead games, it's basically a massive shootout with four survivors going up against hordes of zombies with various classes. In terms more related to Overwatch, PvE will be pretty much like the seasonal event modes in current Overwatch.

Reaper is gay, McCree is a clone

Considering Soldier 76 was confirmed to be gay earlier, it's possible Morrison and Reyes were more than just friends and colleagues. Passion turned into hatred could also explain the whole explosive encounter in Switzerland that started the end of Overwatch. It's certainly something lore hounds will love to sink their teeth in but the real kicker is in the next paragraph.

Now, we are not in the business of making out of season April's fools jokes, but this is indeed info provided in the same leak that confirmed Overwatch 2 and its PvE component. McCree is apparently a clone of Soldier 76. That puts the relationship between him, Soldier 76 and Reaper into a proper soap opera setting since Jesse is Morrison's son by proxy but also Reaper's protege. Let the drama commence.

Talon and Overwatch may fight a common enemy

Talon and Overwatch playing on the same team sounds odd but certainly not something we couldn't anticipate. I mean, come on, Alliance and Horde always end up fighting a bigger threat together. The name of the threat here is not described though, only that she is some sort of a "Techromancer" that uses nanites to resurrect dead individuals and pit them against their former allies.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - Oasis

Tracer and Widowmaker are making kissy faces

Nope, we are not making this up. Apparently, Overwatch 2 story will see the death of Tracer's girlfriend after which she will need time to heal. Lena will find comfort in the hands of Amelie, who is also recovering from a different kind of trauma as her Talon brainwashing is wearing off. The story is plausible as Widowmaker's Talon brainwashing already started to wear off for brief moments in the first Overwatch game.

Loot boxes are going away

Following the governments' involvement in loot box regulation, Activision seem to be finally giving up on the predatory practice. In Overwatch 2, they will supposedly be replaced with another predatory practice - fear of missing out. Purchases will be direct but items will be on offer only for a limited time.

Sojourn and Echo will be heroes in Overwatch 2, one of them possibly hero 32 in the original

Fans have been speculating about the possibility of Sojourn or Echo's announcement during BlizzCon 2019. The recently leaked art showed both of them but Sojourn is more likely to take the #32 spot in the original Overwatch. 

Overwatch 2 will get a Nintendo Switch version

The original leak stated we fans shouldn't be too excited about the prospect of the drastically improved engine because the game is already in the works for Nintendo Switch as well. 

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