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Overwatch 2 is getting a PvP gameplay showcase soon

Published: 07:28, 12 May 2021
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

After a prolonged period of hearing nothing about Overwatch 2, it seems Blizzard are ready to spill more beans and in fashion.

Overwatch got its first developer update since Jeff Kaplan's departure and the new lead, Aaron Keller, took over. His first episode of the developer update was received rather well, in part due to the fact he had some exciting info to offer the fans.

Namely, Keller announced that Blizzard will showcase Overwatch 2 PvP gameplay on a live stream that is scheduled for Thursday, April 20, 2021. This will probably be the biggest info dump we had on OW2 since the initial announcement, possibly only rivalled by the PvE novelties that were previously seen, such as Mei rolling into enemies in a giant ice ball or Rein and Brigitte joining their shields. 

The live stream will feature Keller himself, Geoff Goodman, Dion Rogers and more people from the Overwatch team as they take the viewers through the gameplay sections. Keller noted that everything that will be shown is still under development and subject to change before OW2's release, which still doesn't have an exact release date.

Devs will also organise an AMA on Reddit so keep an eye on that as well, since they will probably unveil more interesting info when it happens on May 24.

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