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Overwatch 2 gets release date, disappoints fans again

Published: 19:39, 17 June 2022
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Blizzard dug themselves a pretty big hole and even the announcement of release date for Overwatch 2 has been marred by the consequences.

Overwatch has been starved of content for years now, owing to the extremely slow transition to Overwatch 2, leaving us with Echo as the final released hero before the latter launches. 

Overwatch 2 launch is scheduled for October 4, 2022, which means that by the time it comes out, Overwatch players will have gone 903 days without a new hero. This content draught has already tested the patience of countless OW fans and now it looks like the release of OW2 will continue to do so.

Having gone so long without a single new hero, the fans started speculating on how many of them can be expected when OW2 finally launches. Since the wait between Echo's release and OW2 launch is just 10 days short of two and a half years, most people were hoping for at least five new characters to drop with the game.

That will not be the case as the grand total of new heroes will be three, with one in each role. Sojourn is the new DPS, Dez (Junker Queen) is a tank and then there is the upcoming support with the spirit fox. With three new heroes at launch, this will average to exactly one new hero per 301 days of waiting.

Blizzard Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo Sojourn was teased long ago and she is finally coming this year


Will they be worth it and will the new character blow everyone away? It remains to be seen but the community certainly doesn't look convinced the trio would suffice at launch.

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