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Overwatch 2: Bastion will be able to move in Sentry form

Published: 11:03, 26 September 2021
Overwatch 2 - Bastion
Overwatch 2 - Bastion

Blizzard revealed the sweeping changes that will happen to Bastion when Overwatch 2 launches, including the new abilities, like walking during the Sentry form.

Overwatch 's resident Transformer is getting shapes when Overwatch 2 launches, literally. This robot is terrifying while shooting its minigun in Sentry form, which is the reason it becomes immobile in order to balance the power out. However, OW2 will let Bastion move around, seemingly without dropping the damage output. There are other trade-offs, however. 

First, the robot will lose the self-repair ability so that is one way to make it riskier. The alt-fire will be reserved for pumping out tactical grenades instead, which partially mimic Junkrat's primary fire. The projectiles will bounce before exploding but they will stick to enemies and guarantee the damage. 

Bastion's primary fire will also be slightly altered, with a lower rate of fire and removal of the spread, allowing placement of precise shots instead of spraying the opponents down.

Last but not least, the ultimate is getting completely reworked. Instead of going into Tank mode, Bastion will now assume the form of an artillery piece. The player will then get a bird's eye view of the battlefield and choose three locations where to drop explosives that will probably do massive damage.

Oh, and the robot's now got a hat. Based on the looks, it seems this was a gift from Torbjorn.

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