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Overwatch 2 announced on BlizzCon as in-game Overwatch is rebuilt

Published: 21:37, 01 November 2019
Overwatch 2's depiction of Monte Carlo
Overwatch 2, Monte Carlo

It's been a while since rumours of Overwatch's successor started being whispered and now it's official. On BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard launched an 8-minute trailer of Overwatch 2, announcing PvE missions, new heroes, new maps and more.

If you're wondering what this means for Overwatch, whose Nintendo Switch version only launched recently, then don't worry as the players will be able to play Overwatch 2 maps, heroes and everything PvP-related. They also get to keep the skins, icons and other cosmetics.

Where Overwatch 2 stands out though is the Co-Op Story missions and replayable Hero ones, which will finally let Blizzard spin the sort of yarn they're good at, rather than being forced to use other media to do so. Not that we'd ever say no to a Blizzard cinematic, but now they'll have more reason to do them too. 

Overwatch 2's replayable Hero missions expand on the story and take you to battlegrounds around the globe. Blizzard will have a levelling system that will earn players "powerful customization options". 

"Overwatch 2 evolves the look and feel of the world, with more dynamic environments, larger scale battles, additional in-game storytelling events, and improved atmospheric effects and shadows. Heroes in Overwatch 2 will also have a brand-new look, with greater detail and higher fidelity", Blizzard wrote. 

If you visit the announcement page, you can actually check out how Overwatch 2 will evolve the heroes, although we must say that the changes seem more stylistic than technical. 

Overwatch 2's also adds a new map type called Push, where teams try to take control of a robot in the centre and push him into the enemy base. 

Blizzard Toronto map from Blizzard's Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2, Toront

Also coming are new maps, and the ones you're looking at are Toronto, Gothenburg and Rio de Janeiro, in no particular order. 

Blizzard Monte Carlo map from Blizzard's Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2, Monte Carlo

You can check out the rest of the maps in our gallery below or learn more or .

Overwatch 2 new map gallery - Toronto, Gothenburg and Monte Carlo

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