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Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 reportedly in development by Blizzard

Published: 02:31, 07 June 2019
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Blizzard are reportedly working on a sequel to Overwatch and a brand new Diablo game that may not require a smartphone. The news came on the wings of a different information - that the studio cancelled a StarCraft FPS game once again.

Blizzard worked on a StarCraft third-person shooter in early 2000s that was supposed to have the Terran Ghost, Nova, as the protagonist but several delays later, it was sent into development oblivion and officially cancelled in 2006.

Therefore, the news of Blizzard scrapping another StarCraft shooter game had a twofold effect - it didn't really surprise the hardcore fans and it disappointed the same group of people, once again.

As with all creative destruction, this gave way to new things. According to Kotaku, the new games that Blizzard will focus on instead of the StarCraft shooter are Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

The latter's development is not much of a surprise as everyone has been expecting it even in 2018. Blizzard decided to announce a mobile cash grab instead of Diablo 4 to a hall full of PC gamers. Fans were left with proverbial blue balls for about a year.

Now the rumour has it that Diablo 4 will actually become reality but no new info will surface at E3 2019 - we will have to wait for BlizzCon 2019 and hope no more out of season April's Fools jokes will be played on us.

Overwatch 2 is a completely different story though. No one really expected something like this to be in development and Jeff Kaplan seems to have new hero ideas that could span years. The potential Overwatch sequel could be an attempt to milk customers of some more money, which wouldn't be unusual for a company that's part of Activision.

Blizzard Picture of Genji in Overwatch in a Power Rangers skin Overwatch - Anniversary Genji

Kotaku asked Blizzard for a comment on these rumours picked up from the studio's own staff but the company's statement looked as generic and uninformative as a Genji asking for healing. BlizzCon 2019 will kick off together with November 2019, meaning we will have to wait almost half a year for official info on what Blizzard plans to do in the future.



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