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Outpost Rush returns to New World, once again bugged

Published: 04:50, 29 October 2021
New World
New World - Aeternum has become desolate with so many players leaving

New World has re-introduced Outpost Rush game mode but unfortunately, it still suffers from issues that prevent players from interacting with the game.

Amazon updated New World with patch 1.0.4 recently, finally bringing back the Outpost Rush mode, which was previously removed because it was soft-locking players, effectively preventing them from playing the game. Unfortunately, this still happens.

In the latest iteration of the PvPvE game mode, players can sometimes die and become unable to respawn, which can be highly problematic as you might imagine. It remains to be revealed what the cause of this issue is but Amazon noted they are aware of this bug, along with a pile of others but they didn't provide any ETA on a possible fix and didn't quite decide whether to disable the mode again.

Currently, the list of known bugs in the game includes:

  • Players dying and being unable to respawn in Outpost Rush
  • Other instances of players being unable to respawn
  • Players not receiving gold or items if a Trading Post order completes while they are offline
  • Players unable to change servers due to active TP orders
  • Equipping two life staffs
  • Permanent Bloodlust on Greataxe
  • Housing compensation appears as weird text
  • Houses and items in them disappearing
  • Ice Storm sometimes works, sometimes partially, sometimes doesn't
  • Fireball sometimes doesn't work
  • Resilient Perk reduces all damage
  • Amber and Intelligence gems not working properly
  • Stacking several regeneration effects
  • Crouching sometimes activates healing

Overall, it's a pretty long list of bugs that need attention and many of them are game-breaking. Hopefully, the resolutions come soon as being stuck dead might be even less fun than losing a house or money and items on TP, which might get reimbursed.

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