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Origin Access Premier release date confirmed, On the House closed

Published: 17:12, 27 July 2018
Promotional picture for Origin Access Premier, a new service by EA
Origin Access Premier

EA have revealed that Origin Access Premier service will go live on 30 July 2018 during an investor call, but they have also silently shut down On the House program. Some players might miss it, but honestly it needed a change. Or a boot.

EA have announced Origin Access Premier as an extension to their regular Origin Access service. While Origin Access offers any game from the vault to be fully played, 10 per cent off on Origin store purchases and Origin Access Premier will offer players that and every new EA release in the future. On top of that, Premier subscribers will have access to new EA releases seven days before everyone else.

That's why it comes at a bigger cost, which is $14.99 monthly or $99.99 annually as opposed to the base version which is $4.99 monthly or $29.99 annually. Both subscription services seem to be superior alternatives to PS Plus and Games With Gold, but Origin Access and Premier will only be available on PC and there are currently no plans to push them on consoles. This is probably due to a possible collision with PS Plus and Xbox Games With Gold.

Not everything is rainbows and daisies on Origin front though, as the arrival of the new service has secretly killed an old one - On the House. As the name suggests, these were freebie offers EA put out from time to time and it seems their life span has come to an end. 

Players who wanted to go to the service via will now be redirected to Origin Access. Other players have attempted to contact support, and the staff that On the House service is gone for good as there are currently no updates on whether it will ever come back.

EA EA's official logo for Origin Access on a white background Origin Access

This shouldn't be much of an issue though, as games that were offered in the past were either slightly older than Methuselah, but players who still want to experience them will be able to do so through either buying them for spare change on sales or with the regular Origin Access.

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