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Glen Schofield on his dream project and Activision departure

Published: 19:29, 08 March 2019
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Dead Space

Dead Space creator Glen Schofield has talked about his departure from Activision and his dream projects in the latest GameInformer interview. Schofield also outlined his vision for what he would want from the next Dead Space game.

Glen Schofield, the man behind many Call of Duty titles, and the creator of the iconic survival horror Dead Space has talked about his potential new projects, Activision departure and Dead Space in the new GameInformer interview.

Back in December 2018, Schofield that he's leaving Activision where he spent more than eight years. He said that he still has "a couple of good games" in him and that he's looking forward to working on "something else exciting".

In the latest interview, Schofield reveals that he worked on a new IP before he left the company but his project was ultimately not given the green light. "I did a little prototype for them, they didn't go for it, but they should've," Schofield said.

When asked if Activision specifically wanted some new IP ideas from him once they acquired Sledgehammer Games, Schofield said that they probably didn't use the exact same words but have asked him to "come up with something".

He also said that it's hard to start a new IP as it requires a lot of investments, time and effort. "It just didn't work out, it hurts sometimes, but I have enough other ideas so it's okay," he said.

Schofield confirmed that the rejection of his new project was one of the reasons why he left Activision, but he also made it clear that everything went fine and he's not holding any grudges against his former company.

Altchar picture showing glen schofield and characters from dead space and call of duty Glen Schofield was the man behind Dead Space and Call of Duty games

As for his new projects, Dead Space sequel is still his dream and if he ever gets to make it, he will probably try to stay away from some of the lore of the first two games. However, he's not sure if EA would greenlight a singleplayer story-based horror in the age of live service games.

He also mentioned that his next game would probably be a "dark sci-fi" with aliens that are "not that great to look at".

You can check Glen Schofield's on GameInformer website.

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