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Orange Shirt Kid's mom is suing Epic Games for a Fortnite dance

Published: 10:48, 15 January 2019
Epic Games
Picture of the Orange Justice emote from Fortnite
Fortnite - Orange Justice

People are barraging Epic Games with lawsuits for integrating popular dances into Fortnite, but this one is special. Orange Shirt Kid's mom is now suing Epic Games for using the dance her son initially performed to be featured in Fortnite.

You read that well - Epic Games are being sued for incorporating a dance animation into Fortnite, even though the dance was originally performed specifically for that reason. Epic Games announced the Boogie Down contest in March 2018, where a ton of rewards were handed down to top 100 contestants and only the winner's dance was supposed to be made into a Fortnite dance.

Orange Shirt Kid did not win the contest and Epic Games had no intention of introducing it, but the video went viral and community organised a huge support movement called "Justice for Orange Shirt Kid" that the company eventually listened to. They didn't have to listen to the players, but they did. Sometime later, Orange Justice emote was born.

Now, his mother is suing Epic Games for supposedly ripping off the dance, and naturally, she made no note of the dance being a subject to the Boogie Down contest in her . The list of complaints includes copyright infringement, contributory infringement of copyright, and trademark infringement.

It is rather weird that any of the moves were actually trademarked or copyrighted since they were made specifically for the contest and because Orange Shirt Kid wanted to be featured in Fortnite. Unfortunately, the social media accounts that submitted the dance for Boogie Down competition were deleted and even the tweet where Orange Shirt Kid said "THEY ADDED IT OMGOMG" is now gone.

Epic Animated African-American character dressed in Disco style Fortnite: Battle Royale Boogie Bomb

These YouTube and Twitter accounts were closed after alleged cyberbullying after Orange Shirt Kid rose to fame due to his dance, but it also conveniently removed any evidence of the dance being willingly submitted for use in Fortnite. Therefore, it is impossible to figure out whether the contest will make any difference in this case, but Epic Games are no strangers to dealing with these things in court after the recent string of lawsuits for other dance moves.

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