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OPR to award Faction Tokens in future New World update

Published: 02:17, 04 February 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

After a series of negatively-received changes, AGS seem to be doing something right in New World as the Outpost Rush will become much more enticing in the future.

PvP in New World has suffered countless setbacks since New World was released and the community had all but given up on this aspect of the game, in favour of the menial grinding which ended up being the undisputed champion when it comes to efficiency in this particular game. One of the main problems with PvP was the lack of rewards worthy of your time and it appears AGS are finally introducing some of these incentives to Outpost Rush.

OPR has several changes on the PTR at the moment and these are shipping with the next major update in a few weeks. The most prominent changes are those to the reward system. OPR caches will now award two pieces of armour and one weapon, specific to this game mode. Furthermore, players will have 15 per cent chance to get a fourth item that can be OPR-specific jewelry.

On top of that, OPR Cache rewards will have a higher chance to push the player Expertise up now and the gear specific to it rolls from a fixed list of perks that are aimed at PvP combat. 

And finally, we are getting Faction Token rewards from match completion, which is something players have been asking for for a long time.

Amazon Game Studios New World chest run New World

The rewards are significantly improved and the scoring system will follow. Dealing damage will now increase player score while player and AI kills will have a lower impact. As such, you can now play to the best of your ability, instead of having to think about last-hitting enemies in order to get the credit.

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