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Treyarch officially detail Operation Spectre Rising content

Published: 17:48, 30 April 2019
black ops 4 artwork showing spectre specialist in smoke
Black Ops 4 Operation Spectre

Call of Duty Black Ops 4's much-anticipated update Operation Spectre Rising is now live on PlayStation 4 servers. The update adds new specialist Spectre, three new maps, major changes to Blackout map, new game modes and Zombies content.

After they officially revealed the next Black Ops 4 operation yesterday, Treyarch have today shared a detailed look at everything that is included in the game's new, major update. 

As you may know, the new operation is named Spectre Rising and it adds fan favourite Specialist Spectre along with new game modes, maps and major changes to battle royale mode Blackout.

Spectre is a mysterious and deadly Specialist from Black Ops III and his Special Issue Weaponry is Shadow Blade. Equipping the blade will transition your perspective to third-person for a greater field of view while you lock onto and lounge at enemies for quick takedowns.

Using Shadow Blade allows Spectre to roll forward, to the side and backflip to avoid enemies and gunfire. Spectre's Special Issue Equipment is the Smoke Grenade as previously rumoured. It's a tactical tool that disables aim-assist of enemies caught in the smoke while outlining players so you can take them down easily.

New Game Mode named Prop Hunt arrives to Multiplayer on 03 May 2019 on PlayStation while PC and Xbox One release will follow at later date. Prop Hunt pits Hunters against Props in a 12-player, 6v6 hide and seek game. Props have 30 seconds to hide and blend into the map, whistling every 30 seconds to hint Hunters to their location. Hunters have one simple task - neutralise all props.

Blackout main map also received a major change. The Wetworks Map Update transforms areas of the map along the river. Locations such as Factory, Rivertown, Cargo Docks and the farm near Firing Range have been flooded and damaged, resulting in different terrain. This makes the Tactical Raft and PBR are much more important than before.

On top of the map change, Blackout also got a new game mode named Bounty Hunter. Players will have to find one of Spectre's Shadow Blades to transform themselves into Spectre and get unique abilities and intel on top targets on the map. You will also get to use Humiliations, which are finishing moves to deal a final blow, similar to those in Apex Legends.

Also, Black Ops Pass holders are getting three new maps - Iceland-like Artifact, festival-themed Masquerade and the recreation of the beloved Black Ops map WMD.

Treyarch black ops 4 screenshot showing flooded locations Black Ops 4 - Blackout map changes

Treyarch also announced a special Spectre Rising Edition of Black Ops 4 and you can read more about that and all other changes .

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