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CS:GO champ Olofmeister will sit out the 2018 ECS Finals

Published: 13:58, 07 June 2018
Updated: 17:04, 07 June 2018
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With Friday closing in we are taking a closer look at the 660,000$ ECS Season 5 Finals that is happening in SSE Arena, Wembley, London. With only eight CS:GO teams remaining we can scarcely to speculate which one will claim the ECS throne.

With the season finale at our doorstep, we want to take a look at the groups, player changes and the format being played in the Esport Championship Series Season 5 Finals. The first part of the tournament was played online where only eight teams managed to secure their spot in the competition taking place on 08 June 2018 and going on until 10 June 2018 for a grand prize of 250,000$.

The tournament will begin with a double elimination system which is going to lead to a single elimination bracket with top two teams each from the two groups. 

Group A will feature the current global champions - Astralis alongside Cloud9, Fnatic and Liquid. While Astralis is the fan favourite of the group we cannot dismiss Fnatic who are fielding a new addition to their roster - Richard "Xizt" Landström. Xizt showed his skill while being a stand-in for FaZe in the absence of Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer. Xizt preformed remarkably and even managed to win IEM Sydney 2018 with FaZe. 

Group B will consist of FaZe, NRG, G2, and Luminosity. FaZe is yet another fan favourite that has been performing well enough to be ranked the second best team in the world according to HLTV statistics, however, unfortunately, fans won't be able to watch olofmeister play this week due to a prolonged delay, his stand-in for the tournament will be Heroic's rifler Jorgen "cromen" Robertsen. Cromen performed exquisitely in the ESL Pro League tournament where he had an amazing 1v4 clutch against Cloud9. His results in that competition might be the reason why FaZe decided to make him a stand-in for the ECS finals, but whether the team will synergise or not remains an open question.

The G2 Esports organisation has also been busy benching the likes of NBK and aPEX which made a lot of fans unhappy. G2's coach stated that G2's CS:GO team is taking a new step with in-game shot-calling and that some players didn't feel comfortable playing with NBK. G2's line up will consist of Shox, KennyS, SmithzZ, bodyy, and Ex6TenZe who will be a stand-in for the tournament.

Altchar Preview of the groups for the ECS Season 5 Finals Groups for the ECS Finals in London

The prize-pool distribution for the finals will be as follows:

  • 1st place - 250,000$
  • 2nd place - 120,000$
  • 3rd-4th place - 65,000$
  • 5th-6th place - 45,000$
  • 7th-8th place - 35,000$

You will be able to watch ECS Finals via live stream on their official YouTube .

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