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Mousesports defeat G2 to take cs_summit five trophy

Published: 10:03, 16 December 2019
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Mousesports are wrapping up their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive season with another trophy. This time, the international team beat G2 to take the cs_summit five title.

In one of the biggest upsets in a long time, Mousesports have defeat G2 to add cs_summit five trophy to their shelf, which makes it a total of three this season. In cs_summit five grand finals, Mousesports beat G2 by 2-1 for their third trophy in a row and it's safe to say that the international team looks almost unstoppable at the moment.

Mousesports previously took the "W" on CS:GO Asia Championship earlier this year in November and ESL Pro League Season 10 finals in December. The win at cs_summit five is even bigger since Mousesports were playing without their main star Özgur "woxic" Eker, who had to skip the competition because he failed to obtain a US visa.

On top of this, the team's coach Allan "Rejin" Petersen had to jump in for karrigan in the last two matches of the finals as karrigan had to leave the tournament to sort out his own issues with visa, for EPICENTER tournament, which is played tomorrow - 17 December 2019.

In the finals, Mousesports started with a win on Mirage by 19-17 before G2 struck back on Vertigo with an impressive 16-1 win. However, the team managed to push for another great performance on Train, where they won in a tense match by 16-14.

The finals were a big opportunity for NaToSaphiX, who is a free agent since August 2018 and his exit from Heroic. It's safe to say that the Danish AWPer embraced the chance with open arms and may have found his team for 2020 with a solid performance at cs_summit five.

As for G2, it's very likely that the organisation make additional roster changes for the upcoming year since this is pretty bad result for the team. Mousesports, on the other hand, face off against AVANGAR in their first duel on EPICENTER.

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Thanks, Dotesports.

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