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Epicenter 2019: mousesports advance to semifinals after beating Evil Geniuses

Published: 10:43, 19 December 2019
artwork showing members of mousesports

mousesports have advanced straight to Epicenter 2019 semifinals after an impressive win against Evil Geniuses. The international squad won both Train and Inferno 16-11 and 16-4.

The last day of Epicenter 2019 group stages is currently underway and today, we're going to find out the rest of the semifinalists after Team Vitality and mousesports managed to book their places in the semifinals.

Last night, mousesports and Evil Geniuses battled out on Train and Inferno and once again, the popular Mouz took the W with an impressive performance in both matches. The first match was a bit closer than the second though as Evil Geniuses managed to win 11 rounds. However, thanks to a great performance from woxic and frozen, who got 27 and 26 kills, respectively, mousesports got the 16-11 win on their map.

The battle continued on Evil Geniuses' pick - Inferno - but things only got worse for the North Americans. Mousesports completely dominated their opponents and ultimately won the second map 16-4 for the 2-0 overall win in the series.

Frozen and ropz enjoyed their time on Inferno, both recording 21 kills but ropz had 13 deaths while Frozen was eliminated only 5 times. Evil Geniuses' CeRq was their best performer in both matches but sadly for the team, his performance was not enough against the in-form Mouz.

Forze and Virtus. Pro will play their series today. The winner will meet Evil Geniuses in the quarter-final and the winner of that match will play against mousesports in the semis. 

Vitality are also awaiting their semifinal opponent today. Heroic will face Natus Vincere in a decider match today after beating EHOME 0-2.

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