ESL Pro League: s1mple's one man show was not enough as NaVi go 0-2

Published: 12:36, 20 March 2020
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The ESL Pro League has invited 24 teams

So far we've seen some quality Counter-Strike goodness from the group B teams. s1mple had an incredible performance once again, ending the game with a 119,1 ADR. BIG and forZe have now won both of their two matches and they currently sit on the top of this group.

The ESL Pro League Season 11 has featured some big upsets so far. Six teams from group B faced off and, surprisingly enough, we didn't see a game three in any of the matches as all of them went 2-0.

forZe vs North - 2-0

The first match of the day was between North and forZe. The Danes got surprisingly swept by 2-0, with both matches ending in regular time. Despite being the underdogs as they were dominated by North in their recent matches, xsepower and the crew picked themselves up and showed some excellent Counter-Strike action.

Kjaerbye had some clutch highlight plays, but they were ultimately not good enough as they lost both on Train and on Nuke.

Natus Vincere vs BIG - 0-2

The second game was also decided in just two games. Despite gaining sizeable leads, especially on Dust2, NaVi's inability to finish games off came back to bite them as BIG mounted their comebacks in both maps. s1mple's incredible performance with 81 kills over two maps wasn't enough for the number one team to at least take a map off the German squad.

ESL Pro League CS:GO professional player s1mple The IEM Katowice MVP had an incredible perfomance once again

The IEM Katowice champions are still to win a match as they've now lost their second game in a row at the start of the ESL Pro League. BIG has been a refreshing surprise so far, as they've now beaten both the first and the fourth-ranked team.

fnatic vs Complexity - 2-0

The third match was pretty one-sided in fnatic's favour since Complexity failed to deliver any real resistance by taking only fourteen rounds across two maps. The Swedes bounced back from their recent defeat against BIG and they looked much sharper in this game.

Brollan seems to be their new wonder child as the seventeen-year-old prodigy took the MVP award once again. With him on board and JW's recent form, fnatic fans have really something great to look forward to in the upcoming games.

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