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Not all Overwatch 2 heroes will be playable in PvE initially

Published: 08:48, 28 November 2019
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Overwatch's Game Director and Lead Designer were interviewed by AusGamers about their upcoming sequel to the popular hero shooter. The men talked about everything from team compositions to how the familiar heroes will look and sound in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch's Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Lead Designer Geoff Goodman sat down with AusGamers to discuss Blizzard's upcoming PvE centric sequel to the original hero shooter. Welcome to the "too long, didn't read" version of the interview. 

Jeff's first point was to address the fans of the first game who wanted more lore in the original, and said that there needed to be much more world-building before they could give the players what they wanted. Their solution? Overwatch 2.

Currently in development, the new game will focus on continuing the story of the first one and the events seen in Winston's "Recall" short from 2016. It looks like Overwatch 2's "Story Missions" will take the form of the recurring seasonal events that take place in the original game.

“We already know the arc of the story experience and not every one of the current 31 heroes is playable,” Jeff explains. The showcased Rio mission sees Reinhardt, Mei, Tracer, and Lucio team up, and Jeff stated that "If you think about it, Lucio is the most central character to that story, and he has to be there." 

They are, however open to the possibility of opening up the list of the heroes you can select to a few more, but it would still omit most of the current playable roster. 

The team is also upgrading the game's engine to accommodate the real-time cinematics planned for the sequel. We got a taste of the new cinematics in the original's Archive Missions. On top of that, more visual upgrades are coming in the form of character improvements. From the early photos and videos of Overwatch 2, it's clear that the heroes we know and love will have a more photorealistic look to them.

Jeff and Geoff are playing with the game's audio as well. The way the PvE version will sound will also differ from the original in the way that all Ultimate voice lines and everything in between will be heard loud and clear by the player. 

Overwatch players can rest because the Game Director won't forget about us. Every new map and hero available in the sequel will make their way into the original as well. Echo anyone? 

Jeff and Geoff didn't give a release date or anything along those lines seeing how it's way too early to define. They have been working on Overwatch 2 for quite a long time so, if nothing else, the game will be polished by the time it hits the shelves.

Read the interview in full over at AusGamers' .

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