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How long until Bethesda realises Creation Club is a bad idea?

Published: 08:54, 19 June 2017
Updated: 14:43, 19 June 2017
Creation Club - "I think the modders are trying to tell us something. But what?"

Reactions to Bethesda's Creation Club are quite clear if YouTube comments and dislikes are anything to go by. Getting people to pay for mods was a bad idea when Valve tried it, and it still seems to be a bad idea. Was Bethesda not paying attention?

There are profit motivated corporate decisions, and then there is Bethesda's Creation Club. After 6 years of passively making money off of steady Skyrim sales partially owing to modders keeping the game fresh, and 6 years of actively cashing in on that same community activity with various Skyrim re-releases, Bethesda may have gone a bit too far with Creation Club.

Creation Club's announcement on YouTube shows almost unanimous disdain for the project. It would be a little less than decent to post some of the YouTube comments here, but you can have a look for yourself. Here are a few of the milder ones.

YouTube Creation Club - "Disgruntled" customers. Creation Club -

Reddit seems to be a bit more level headed about things. Most of the discussion within the Creation Club Megathread is pointed in a wait and see kind of direction; assuming the usual if you don't like it - don't throw money at it attitude.

All of this won't be too big of a deal for PC players, since there are always alternative means to slip out of the grasp of publisher driven shenanigans, and console players will likely be most affected by whatever consequences Creation Club ends up having.

With the recent modder vs. publisher surrounding GTA V, 2017 might be setting some sort of precedent for the future of mods. Whichever way the dust settles, this only shows that interference with modding communities will never net you positive PR.

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