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Bethesda's Creation Club plants unpurchased mods on your hard drive

Published: 08:09, 04 September 2017
Creation Club

Making a paid mod system work for Skyrim and Fallout 4 wasn't going to be easy. Bethesda has apparently called for someone to hold their beer while they put some paid mod files on players hard drives, whether they purchased/unlocked them or not.

Implementing Bethesda's paid mod Creation Club system was going to be a delicate matter even under the best of circumstances. It now appears that the company was a little ham fisted with how they plan to get paid content onto players hard drives.

Bethesda Creation Club - The part of the download you DO get to see Creation Club - The part of the download you DO get to see

Modders and players have discovered that certain assets belonging to paid mods have been forcibly placed on their hard drives and have become quite vocal about this practise on Bethesda's .

The problem here is that very few players have unlimited disc space at their disposal, and a lot of those players have a download cap in place with their ISP.

Forum user BlueBeer quite accurately summarised why this is a bad idea, "You just used MY bandwidth, and MY system and storage for something you are trying to SELL me. All without asking/telling me."

Bethesda has responded by adding the feature to their Known Issues List for Creation Club, but at this point it is relatively safe to assume that by "Known Issues" Bethesda means that they knew exactly what they were doing even before the consumer backlash got rolling. And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those modding kids.

YouTube Creation Club - "I think the modders are trying to tell us something. But what?" Creation Club -

It's still a little strange that Bethesda isn't catching for Creation Club, considering how well a similar venture by Valve went a couple of years ago.

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