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No Man's Sky creator gets a fan-made portrait visible from space

Published: 08:31, 03 August 2018
Roland Oberheim
Roland Oberheim's portrait of Sean Murray in No Man's Sky, shot C
No Man's Murray

Contrary to what much of the contemporary media would have us think, Sean Murray, the man behind Hello Games and No Man's Sky, is quite popular within the community. So popular in fact that the man got his own portrait visible from space.

Twitter user Roland Oberheim has obviously had some extra time on his hands, which he put to creative use inside No Man's Sky. He really has a knack for taking a snapshot too, although you could argue he's greatly helped by the sheer gorgeousness that No Man's Sky has become.

Nevertheless, even if he had stylistic assistance from Murray's game, it still had to take a lot of effort, as you can see for yourself. This sort of stuff would normally require a lot of planning, much of it done outside the game and tweaked after it's in there, so full props to Oberheim for his effort.

The end result really looks impressive and Murray . Having seen the post, the man replied that the only way this discovery could've been better was had he stumbled upon it himself, by chance. Of course, stumbling upon stuff in No Man's Sky can take you a lifetime sometimes, so we guess it's better this way.

On the wings of the game's latest expansion called Next, No Man's Sky has become everyone's darling once again. The torrent of positive reviews has started pouring in almost immediately upon launch and hasn't stopped since, making it seem as if Hello Games' game was simply always this successful.

The real truth was that the game's playerbase has never reached the heights it did at launch, even though recent signs have been great. In fact, we've only recently reported No Man's Playercount to be at 50+ thousand, but Hello Games have managed 96,954 this past weekend. Obviously, multiplayer is key.

Roland Oberheim Roland Oberheim's portrait of Sean Murray in No Man's Sky, shot B No Man's Sky, Murray's portrait close up

You can find coordinates to Murray's mural on the tweet , although be aware that it has been made in creative mode, so you need to be in it as well. It has been reported that the servers sometimes act up, so you may need to go through the portal a few times.

Roland Oberheim Roland Oberheim's portrait of Sean Murray in No Man's Sky, shot A No Man's Sky

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