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No Man's Sky free weekly content and events are live

Published: 09:55, 31 August 2018
Hello Games
One of gorgeous looking fan-made screenshots from No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky, Fan Screenshot

Hello Games have rolled out another development update for their space exploration adventure No Man's Sky and revealed that the first season of free weekly content and community events kicked off on 30 August 2018, so it's live as we speak.

As the story goes, Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada are "blinking around the edge of reality" and broadcasting requests for assistance. Their hi-tech equipment has located an "undetected iteration of the universe" and they need assistance to explore the glitch in the Matrix. Oops, glitch in reality, my bad.

So, No Man's Sky's diligent explorers who have completed the first Space Anomaly mission will be contacted, if they haven't been already. The first chapter of Polo's research will involve exploring a remote corner of the galaxy where "strange objects have begun spawning underground".

Recovering and returning them to the Space Anomaly will earn explorers some quick Quicksilver. Moreover, Polo's new creation, the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot, can help you process Quicksilver into exclusive exotic collectables. He looks adorable too and while I wish Hello Games came up with an equally adorable name, I'm certain the community will soon do it for them.

At the moment, No Man's Sky website says that the Bot currently offers six new base building parts, three decals, a new emote and a new character customisation. This number will expand significantly and should feature more than 50 items, including more base parts, emotes, customisations, exocraft, etc. Additionally, Hello Games says that the events will grow and that there will be additional ways to earn Quicksilver.

I must admit though, No Man's Sky's community has shown an incredible amount of love both for the game and Sean Murray lately, with one fan finding him on a cafe in a Spanish seaside town. That's beside the in-game that made the rounds lately.

Hello Games Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot, new addition to No Man's Sky No Man's Sky, Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot

The community has also produced some impressive looking paperback journals, yes like real explorer journals of old, as well as some jaw dropping screenshots, one of which I had to borrow for the cover photo.

You can see for yourself and find out more about the dev update on No Man's Sky .

No Man's Sky, a space exploration adventure by Hello Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
No Man's Sky, Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot

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