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Nintendo raise Switch sales expectations as it outsells 3DS

Published: 13:02, 01 February 2021
Nintendo Switch console in docked mode, and a controller.
Nintendo Switch

After a period of confusion, let's say, Nintendo have rediscovered their form with Switch, and the latest sales figures were so great that the company raised their expectations for March 2021.

Switch has outrun several in-house competitors in its quest to become Nintendo's top-selling console of all time, and while a tough ask, it could be done, especially if they continue at this pace. 

Anyway, Nintendo posted their sales figures and Switch has officially sold 79.87 million units, compared to Nintendo 3DS, which has only sold 75.94 million. Measly, we know, wink wink. 

Things get even better when you factor in video game sales, as 3DS sold 385.85 million games, whereas Switch already moved 532.34 million. 

It has to be said that such a hefty advantage has a lot to do with digital distribution of games, where Nintendo arrived relatively late compared to their competitors. Better late than never, though, and the numbers certainly agree, as Switch games sales have been on a constant upward trajectory.

Having beaten Nintendo Gamecube and Wii U back in October 2018, although the latter's 13.56 million units weren't much of a challenge, Switch's next in-house opponent was the original Wii. Which may have been an intimidating task back in 2018, but Wii's 101.63 million units sold don't look that difficult to beat anymore. 

Analysts are expecting Switch sales to track close to Wii throughout the year, overtaking it towards the end. Of course, that's unless we get another train wreck of a year like 2020, in which case stats will be the least of our worries. 

Nintendo Blue Toad, Princess Peach, Luigi and Mario in Super Mario 3D World (Switch) Super Mario 3D World heroes

Wii has sold 921.85 million video games in its lifetime compared to Switch's 532.34 million, but Nintendo's new console could beat that too if it sticks around long enough. 

You can find Nintendo's results here .

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Nintendo Switch launch titles

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