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New Nintendo Switch version might be around the corner

Published: 21:35, 06 January 2020
Updated: 21:40, 06 January 2020
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Nintendo are apparently working on a new Nintendo Switch even though Nintendo Switch Lite was released not too long ago. Now there are rumours the company might be looking to release a new, beefier version of the handheld console.

Nintendo Switch Lite released in September 2019 and now it looks like a new version of the console might be on the way, not even a year after Lite's release.

According to Taiwanese publication, , Nintendo are producing more units of a new Switch model. The manufacturing should reportedly start in the first quarter of 2020 while the launch itself is planned for mid-2020 which not too far away.

DigiTimes stated that the new beefy model will have a better CPU and a magnesium alloy body but no other upgrades were mentioned. Still, it shouldn't be surprising if the price tag goes up as well. Considering we are not too far away from the next generation of the other mainstream consoles, this puts an interesting hitch on Nintendo's vision for the future.

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are aiming to push the boundaries of their previous hardware quite a bit. On the other hand, a mere CPU upgrade just can't compare. Still, it is possible this new Switch is aiming to feature 4K support but it remains to be seen which titles it will manage to run in such resolution.

The fact that only a CPU upgrade just can't compare with the beefy specs of PS5 and Series X hints that there may be more work done under the hood for this Switch model.

Nintendo Promo image for Nintendo Switch Lite It has been just a few months since Nintendo Switch Lite release

Considering we might be just half a year from release, the official news should start pouring in soon which should shine enough light on what the folks at Nintendo have in their pocket.

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