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Nintendo Switch Pro could be revealed this summer, industry analyst teases

Published: 07:54, 06 July 2022
The unofficial mockup render for Nintendo Switch Pro console
Nintendo Switch Pro (fanmade)

Nintendo financial analyst Serkan Toto has teased a potential Nintendo Switch Pro reveal for Summer 2022. 

Rumours about the Nintendo Switch Pro reveal are once again making rounds online thanks to an uploaded private video on Nintendo's channel.

Nintendo fans are hoping that the video could be a reveal for the much-anticipated Switch Pro console, a faster, and a more powerful new version of Nintendo's flagship. 

To fuel the rumours even further, industry financial analyst Serkan Toto who closely follows Nintendo's financial briefings has teased something Switch Pro-related this Summer.

"Summer 2022, Pro time indeed," he wrote in the since-deleted tweet. 

screegrab/ResetEra Is Serkan Toto teasing Switch Pro reveal? Is Serkan Toto teasing Switch Pro reveal?

Of course, we heard similar rumours last year but nothing really came out of it so as always with these hints and leaks, take everything with a grain of salt, until Nintendo officially reveal the details about Nintendo Switch Pro.

Could such a reveal be coming this summer? Well, it's certainly possible but if we had to guess, we would say it's probably too early since the Switch OLED model was released only eight months ago. 

But crazier things happened in the industry and there's a chance that Nintendo indeed have a special surprise in store for their fans. 

Hopefully, we won't be waiting for too long to hear more about Switch Pro, as the rumours and speculation can get out of hand fairly quickly.

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