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Nintendo Switch day one update

Published: 14:58, 02 March 2017
Nintendo Switch works as a console and handheld
Nintendo Switch works as a console and a handheld

Nintendo Switch got a day one update and it features friend codes, eShop and more

The update brought (back) the beloved 12 digit long friend codes, used to add friends to a dedicated list. The list is at the moment capped at 300 friends, which is far less than PlayStation Network (2000) and Xbox Live (1000) allow.

The codes are generated for each player and look like this: SW-1234-5678-9012. When adding a friend, the user has to type in only the numbers of the code. The letters are just for ShoW. 

Nintendo A Nintendo switch with the joycon undocked. Nintendo Switch

Although the codes are back they will not be the only way of adding people to the friends list. Another way is to search for local users or add people who already played a game with you. On the top of that, every Switch user will have to have a Nintendo Account ID.

also added:

  • Online gaming
  • Game news from Nintendo
  • eShop
  • An option to post screenshots to Facebook and Twitter
  • The ability to turn on a TV automatically via CEC
  • Battery life display in the Home menu
  • The ability to format a microSD card


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