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Monster Hunter Rise demo stuttering will be fixed in the final release

Published: 22:30, 18 January 2021
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Monster Hunter Rise

Fear not, you brave monster hunters! All of you who have tasted the bitter taste of stuttering in the demo version of Monster Hunter: RIse can sleep peacefully because Nintendo have said that the problem won't be present in the final version.

After the release of the demo for Monster Hunter Rise, many fans rushed to Twitter to complain about the stuttering that prevented them from fully enjoying the demo version for the next sequel to their beloved series. 

Nintendo have already addressed this issue and addressed the fans with a promising message that the problem will be eliminated in the final version of the game.

The problem was present with users who have a large number of friends on the Switch console, which somehow triggered unpleasant stuttering, which greatly crippled the performance of the game, and thus the overall experience to the unlucky gamers.

"For customers using the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise, if the number of registered friends on the user’s account exceeds a certain number, the game will begin to stutter (this is a processing failure).. Please be assured that we have confirmed that this issue does not occur in the full version. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support."

Capcom Monster Hunter: Rise characters fighting a monster Monster Hunter: Rise, o happy days!

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise is available to everyone, but it is limited in time. Everyone who plays the demo will receive a gift with certain items in the final version when the game comes out. The release of Monster Hunter Rise for the Switch is scheduled for March 26 2021.

The following items will be included in the demo save data item pack:

  • Energy Drink x10
  • Mega Armorskin x5
  • Mega Demondrug x5
  • Mega Potion x20
  • Pitfall Trap x 5

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