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Apex Legends: Warriors Collection Event game modes, maps and all you need to know

Published: 16:38, 24 March 2022
Apex Legends -  The Warriors Collection Event
Apex Legends - The Warriors Collection Event

Apex Legends' Warriors Collection Event officially kicks off later this in March with a brand new map and items as well as return of the popular game mode.

EA and Respawn have detailed the upcoming Warriors Collection Event and everything that will be added to the game in this update. 

Warriors Collection Event is set to introduce a brand new Arena map, new items and a refreshed Control mode so keep on reading for all the revealed details. 

Apex Legends - Drop-off map

EA Apex Legends - Drop off map Apex Legends - Drop off map

 The new map reminds us of Halo Infinite's Launch Site, at least from this perspective on the screenshot. The POIs of Drop-Off are split into Interior and Exterior areas. It's a map with high vantage points, allowing access to an airdrop, but those who prefer a more straightforward and predictable action will also have plenty of fun in the lower areas of the map.

Apex Legends Control Mode

Control is returning for a total of two weeks. This limited-time 9v9 mode is refreshed with the addition of Caustic Treatment on Kings Canyon. 

Caustic Treatment has been converted into a three-point battleground for control over Kings Canyon. The battleground now comes equipped with the additional cover, ziplines, skydive launchers, a hover tank and more to allow for increased balance and improved flow.

EA Apex Legends - Caustic Treatment Apex Legends - Caustic Treatment

Warriors Collection Event items

A new of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics, including skins such as the "Synthetic Huntress" Ash Skin, "Riding Dirty" Octane Skin, “Jewel Olympus” Horizon Skin, “Combat Survivalist” Lifeline and more.  

EA Apex Legends - The Warriors Collection items Apex Legends - The Warriors Collection items

Apex Legends Reward Tracker

Each week of the event has its own rewards track. Players can earn points and refresh their challenges every day. The Warriors Collection Event will also feature a stretch challenge that rewards four unique badges if players complete them during the event.

 Each day, you will be able to earn 1,600 points.

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment - screenshot & art gallery

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