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Nintendo are shaking up existing Switch CPU and storage

Published: 12:21, 11 July 2019
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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have recently announced Switch Lite, a cheaper and more portable edition of their hit console, but it turns out the company are preparing a hardware update for the existing Switch devices, namely the console's CPU and storage.

As reported by Wccftech, Nintendo's US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing is asking for Class II permissive change to change up Switch's hardware innards.

The filing lists changes to the System-on-Chip (SOC) type and NAND Memory type, as well as the resulting CPU Board changes that stem from the aforementioned two. 

Nintendo didn't provide any details on these changes, which we've come to expect from Nintendo, but it's safe to assume that the changes had much to do with the design process of Switch Lite.

Class II permissive change regulation stipulates that the power output of a device must stay the same, so we're probably looking at a hardware update that will extend battery life by introducing more power-efficient components, much like the Tock part of Intel's Tick-Tock model.

Whether Switch's performance will get a boost or not is unclear, but the changes are likely to bring better battery life as well as improved thermals, which also fit into the battery life equation.

If you've been hoping that Nintendo's announcement of Switch Lite will also bring about an announcement of a juiced up Switch, or Switch Pro as many already call it, then you may want to delay them until 2020. Namely, the Regginator's successor Doug Bowser stated that the Lite is the only new Switch SKU coming in 2019.

As for , we're talking about a cheaper, handheld-only console that will launch priced at $200, which is some $100 cheaper than the regular Switch. It has a smaller footprint than its big brother and launches in grey, yellow and turquoise colours on 20 September 2019.

Nintendo artwork showing turquoise, gray and yellow switch lite consoles Switch Lite

Switch Lite comes with non-removable Joy-Con controllers, as it's a handheld version not intended for TV connections, and slightly better battery life at 3-7 hours.

You can find a screenshot of Nintendo's FCC filing .

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