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Nintendo launching Dr. Mario World on iOS and Android

Published: 11:44, 18 June 2019
Dr. Mario World level
Dr. Mario World

Nintendo are getting ready to roll out a new Mario title on 10 July 2019, but we're not talking about Switch or Super Mario. The company's new free-to-play mobile game is Dr. Mario World, and it will launch on iOS and Android platforms.

Dr. Mario World will feature five worlds and more than 169 levels, and that's just at launch. Nintendo are planning to add even more with subsequent updates of course. 

The gameplay is classic Dr. Mario, where players, or doctors if that's your prefered nomenclature, try to cure viruses by matching capsule colours. The less moves you use, the better, but more on that in a bit.

This is actually the first time Nintendo expanded Dr. Mario's roster, with Dr. Peach, Dr. Yoshi, Dr. Toad and Dr. Luigi joining the list of selectable characters.

As you'd expect, each character comes with own special move. Peach's special clears a single column at random; Yoshi's clears three random objects while Toad selects 10 locations at random and destroys the occupying items.

Basically, it's a slightly juiced up Dr. Mario and when we say juiced up, we mean both the gameplay component of Dr. Mario World and its aggressive freemium monetisation model. 

Dr. Mario World relies on hearts to play and while you're likely to have a sufficient quantity for more casual gaming, with some added bonuses for linking up with friends, it's also likely that you'll have to pay up to have a proper go. 

Hearts in Dr. Mario World can be refilled with time, of course, but should you insist to hurry things along, Nintendo suggest dipping your toes in the game's premium currency. 

Dr. Mario World is an extension of Nintendo's plan to broaden the appeal of its platform by launching mobile titles based on their IP, which hopefully ends up attracting new players.

Nintendo Dr. Mario World protagonist and viruses Dr. Mario World

That said, we're not sure whether Nintendo will be overly enthusiastic to launch the game in Belgium, seeing as how the country's loot box crackdown led to the Japanese company's shutdown of

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