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Nintendo Direct Mini showcases Rogue Company's Gl1tch

Published: 17:09, 20 July 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Gl1tch
Rogue Company - Gl1tch

Nintendo Direct Mini's name is disputed by the fans as it showed off third party games such as Rogue Company, where it teased the new rogue named Gl1tch.

Gl1tch has been described as a new rogue who "infiltrated" the roster, hinting this person might have some stealth tricks up their sleeve. Unfortunately, not much besides that brief description has been revealed during the Nintendo Direct Mini which showed several games from Nintendo's partners.

The rest of the information about Gl1tch is derived from what is visible in the trailer, one of which is the rogue's sidearm, which you can see at 3:03 time stamp in the video below. Baseball bat, katana and an assault rifle are also seen in the rogue's employ.

While the aforementioned descriptor that mentions infiltration might have something to do with stealth, Gl1tch's name, outfit and ability icons all scream hacking. Now if we could only remember where we saw a stealthy hacker before.

Meanwhile, Gl1tch's appearance looks like the hacker would be right at home in a Watch Dogs game but it remains to be seen how useful he will be in an objective-based team shooter where everyone is enhanced with unique abilities.

Nintendo Direct Mini also reiterated that Rogue Company will feature crossplay on day one along with support for controllers and even motion-controlled aiming.

Unfortunately, there is still no release date for Rogue Company but keep in mind that the game will be free to play once it launches, which might warrant a bit of time for checking it out.

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