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Night in the Woods and Shift Happens available on Steam

Published: 12:39, 23 February 2017
Night In The Woods

Two indie games recently made available on Steam are receiving glowing reviews and recommendations

Announced on Kickstarter in 2013, Night in the Woods managed to reach the £40.000 goal in only 26 hours. The 2D indie is focused on a cat named Mae Borowski. She is a college dropout who decided to return to her home town. The game is focused on exploration and story with deep characters. reviews are more than positive, each talking about the story, the witty dialogue and the artstyle.

Shift Happens is another 2D indie game that recently became available on Steam. It's a coop platformer which lets two friends play together, shifting around their mass and abilities, while working towards a common goal of solving a puzzle. Even though was primarily designed to be played by two players, a single player mode is available as well. The single player features differently structured levels and puzzles. The coop feature can be experienced locally or online. The "shift" can happen in more ways than one as well. A shift in allegiance can occur during a game especially when fighting over who gets to gather the coins.

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