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NieR: Reincarnation trailer shows off in-game world and some combat

Published: 14:59, 13 July 2020
Square Enix
NieR: Reincarnation
NieR: Reincarnation

NieR: Reincarnation, an upcoming mobile instalment of NieR, has received a 2-minute trailer that shows off the in-game world and some combat as well.

Unlike the big-boy version of the game, NieR: Reincarnation is developed by Toylogic, but the publisher remains Square Enix, with the launch still set for 2020.

Anyway, the new trailer shows what appears to be the game's protagonist, a little girl who awakens alone in a room. "You've lost so much. But the time has come to reclaim it", the trailer reads before it moves onto the gameplay.

Her companion, who looks like he's made a living chasing Pac-Man around, is a cute little ghost that guides her around. The ghost is called Mama, and he apparently plays something of a motherly role to NieR: Reincarnation protagonist.

There's an interesting mix of genres on display in NieR: Reincarnation, as some of the game is rendered in 3D, quite beautifully so, but not all of it is. It appears that the game shifts into a side-scrolling perspective at times, flattening out the image to where it looks like a 2D platformer. 

As for the combat, NieR: Reincarnation doesn't go for the fluid type of combat you'd see in NieR: Automata, quite understandably so. Instead, Toylogic and Square Enix appear to have gone for the standard JRPG turn-based combat system, spicing it up with some flashy moves in 3D. 

Square Enix leave a lot to the imagination here, which arguably works pretty well in the case of the antagonist, the Dark Monster, who's following the duo throughout. Hopefully, Mama indeed fulfils her promise from the trailer, because judging by his name alone - they'll need it.

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