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Neymar is a PUBG ambassador now, to host in-game events

Published: 13:01, 15 July 2022
PUBG - Neymar
PUBG - Neymar

Krafton announced a new partnership with the football star, Neymar Jr., who will promote the game on several occasions.

With esports and competitive games reaching new heights, Krafton decided to go all in with their own promotion of PUBG: Battlegrounds . This time around, it means partnership with Neymar Jr., the football star, which may end up being an odd mix since football doesn't have much in common with a game where 100 people are dropped in and kill each other until only one is left standing.

Either way, Neymar will be hosting in-game and out-of-game events related to PUBG. That seems to be the extent of the football player's part in this partnership so it likely means we won't have to deal with a skin that would be completely out of place in PUBG.

That said, Krafton did say more specifics will be announced later on but Neymar will for now stream squad matches with South American content creators Gaules, Netenho and Sparkingg.

All of this seems to be a push by Krafton to promote the new Deston map, which takes the game to an urban area that features no desert besides the abandoned buildings that paint a picture of a zombie apocalypse. Or Detroit.

More news and details about the partnership will come along later on and fans will likely have a chance to win some goodies during future promotional livestreams.

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