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Next Halo Infinite Tenrai battle pass replaces boosts with cosmetics

Published: 04:07, 17 December 2021
343 Industries
Halo Infinite - Multiplayer
Halo Infinite - Multiplayer

343 Industries are making more strides in improving the battle pass model for Halo Infinite as they are removing the junk rewards and adding more cosmetics to the next Tenrai event.

Halo Infinite multiplayer was generally well-received but the experience ended up marred by the penny-pinching monetisation that disappointed just about everyone due to the cosmetics being mostly locked behind additional payments while the battle pass was filled with junk. The Tenrai battle pass was even misleading as parts of the associated armour were locked behind microtransactions, despite being advertised otherwise.

It is these mistakes that 343 Industries seem to be focusing on as they announced the next Tenrai battle pass will have fewer filler items such as the XP boosters and challenge swaps which will give way to more cosmetics. Not all boosters and swaps will be removed though - the change will only kick in after Tier 10 so the first levels of the battle pass will still have these mostly unwanted items.

Furthermore, the entire Kabuto armour set will now be available through the battle pass instead of having to shell out additional cash for store purchases. Even the pose will be included which is a major improvement from what we've had so far.

That said, it's possible too much stuff was removed from battle passes to gauge the minimum of content in a pass that would please the players. Maybe it's just an honest attempt to fix the mess that was around at launch.

It's hard to say without solid data but at least the overall experience is getting better.

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