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New World's Winter Convergence Festival is now live with new items, rewards and quests

Published: 16:14, 16 December 2021
Updated: 16:16, 16 December 2021
New World - Winter Convergence Festival
New World - Winter Convergence Festival

A brand new, holiday-themed event in New World is kicking off today and will run until January 11, 2022. 

New World's brand new event is now live across all servers. Named Winter Convergence Festival, it's a holiday-themed event with holiday-themed items, quests and locations. It will officially run from today until January 11, 2022. 

"Marked by increased snowfall and Northern Lights in the sky, Winter Convergence is a time of dichotomy and duality as the Winter Wanderer and Winter Warrior come to the land," it's written in the description of the event.

Here's are the highlights of the Winter Convergence Festival:

  • New Items - ranging from armours, weapons, furnishings, skins, consumables and a delightful “present gifting” emote; all themed to match the wonderful holiday.
  • Winter Tokens - earned from repeatable events across the island and redeemed for rare and cosmetic items.
  • New Villages - to facilitate the joy and cheer of Winter Convergence. Visit these villages in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood to meet the Winter Wanderer and carry out holiday quests.

Here are the rewards that you can win during the festival length:  

Amazon New World - Winter Convergence Festival rewards New World - Winter Convergence Festival rewards

On top of this, there's plenty of new stuff such as new winter caves, appearing all over Aeternum. Amazon hints that some  You can check out the official announcement on New World's official website for more details about Winter Convergence Festival.

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