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New World's Mrykgard has a hidden dungeon set for future storyline

Published: 07:20, 29 December 2021
New World
New World

New World's Myrkgard has been in the limelight for the past two months, with all the problems players had clearing it, as well as the developer doing a live stream dungeon run of it. Now, however, it may surpass that fame even more.

If you've ever done a run of the Myrk dungeon, you have probably noticed a church a the top. though many players don't go there, as there is no elite chest to loot, once you do, you can find a dungeon entrance in the back, which can't be interacted with, yet.

In the game's preview last year, the church was open in which you were able to actually kill commander Thorpe and behind him, was the only spriggan arena boss. It seems that Amazon have made a decision to remove these bosses, and prepare the area for something else, likely the continuation of the storyline, which is coming in February.

As of now, according to players who have managed to clip their way in, there is not much to see inside, so there is no hidden lore to glimpse, just yet.

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It seems that the Myrkgard dungeon is destined to be tied to all events in New World that happened in these last two months, with even the developers live streaming a run of this, now famous, dungeon. Hopefully, the new storyline coming in February will be enough to breathe some life into New World, and not allow it to go down the path of another failed MMO. 

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