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New World's Client Authority is causing many hacks and exploits

Published: 01:37, 19 October 2021
Amazon Games Studio
New World is facing a problem that stems from its foundations

New World has had its share of hard times. From the beta balance to the server overload, the developers have been overcoming one thing at a time. But this is something that is not easily changed and may cause the downfall of the game.

While explaining this goes into quite a lot of technical jargon, we will try to explain the problem as succinctly as possible.

New World, as many other games, has what is called a Client Authority. Effectively, this means the client is the one calling the shots when it comes to in-game changes, and the way the player interacts with the world and the feedback the server returns is secondary to what the player inputs via the client. This is a good way to ensure the game latency stays low, and the gaming experience flows smoothly.

However, the games that have this feature, are all very old titles, made in a time when Internet speeds were much lower than what we have today. The way most games work today is to place the Authority on the server, due to the clients being easier to hack, bug out, and exploit in any shape or form.

What New World is facing currently is such an example. Players are finding ways of obstructing or influencing the information the client is sending to the server via various means, none of which are hard to do, making themselves invincible, giving themselves bursts of speed, and so on.

Amazon Game Studios Can't even enjoy a proper 1v1 without checking to make sure you are not getting banned for winning Can you imagine going into PvP against an invincible enemy

It is only a matter of time before these players find other ways, aside from the basic "window dragging", to allow themselves an edge in the game, and ruin the experience of playing New World for everyone else. And it may be a while before Amazon find a way to counter this or choose to go the route of everyone else and switch to Server Authority.

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