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New World will reimburse the missing Harvesting gear in the next patch

Published: 02:05, 19 November 2021
New World - Hemp
New World - Hemp

New World's patch 1.1 is now live, and in true New World fashion, has caused some problems. The patch update has deleted some Harvesting gear from players, and developers promise to return said gear with the next patch.

In true New World tradition, patch 1.1 deleted people's harvesting gears, and after all the duping problems and bugs the players have had to experience, they are very much not happy.

While half the blame up until now, or at least a part of the blame, could be directed at those exploiting the in-game bugs, this latest development lies solely in the hands of Amazon. After all, the first major update for the game is the one that deleted player gear, which is especially bittersweet after Amazon delayed in banning those that duped most of their own high-end gear.

After numerous complaints, a developer has confirmed the gear was deleted by their mistake. They have no way to restore the exact gear that was lost so in the next patch they will give affected people a full set of the highest tier gear that they have ever earned. Players can expect this gear to be distributed in the next patch.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Harvesting gear reparations New World - Harvesting gear reparations

The items will be distributed directly to players and show up as an armor chest that will deliver the full set of gear.

One Redditor had an interesting comment that describes the state of the game perfectly. All this time, it would appear that we have been playing the Beta, or perhaps even Alpha version of the game. Whatever the case may be, for many player this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

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