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New World will not have dedicated PvP servers at launch

Published: 03:19, 10 August 2021
Amazon Game Studios
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New World has had some issues during beta regarding its PvP system. In response, some said PvP -only servers were the answer, but it seems the developers disagree.

The issues regarding PvP went from players ganking and zerging others to a lot of players refusing to engage in PvP due to lack of incentive. While a lot of solutions were ruminated upon, among the community and with developers as suggestions, it would appear Amazon Game Studios is taking a stance on this one, at least for the time being.

Windsward, one of the developers, has given out the following statement:

"We don't have plans for dedicated PvP servers at launch. The main issue is dividing the dev and support requirements between slightly different versions of the game. Then we'd have to be really clear on what the long-term support would look like since those PvP servers players would expect game updates targeting their version of the game too, but mapping to their top needs and wants, separate of how the majority of other players were playing NW."

The developers are making a well-thought-out move by doing this, as the game has been delayed multiple times already. Adding on another project at launch, to stretch thin the manpower resources while complicating things more than needed.

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While there are players that are just PvE or PvP focused, making a dedicated PvP server would just beg the question, what of the majority of the players, who would like to do both? And this is precisely the reaction of the community. Players like the flagging system, as long as it is a bit more polished, which gives them the opportunity to play as peacefully or as dangerously, as they want, whenever they want.

 Not to say, of course, that PvP dedicated servers are out of the question entirely. Should the game achieve large enough success, which it's on a good path to do, perhaps developers will be able to afford to run and maintain a few dedicated PvP servers.

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